Volume - 1, Number - 2 (2013)

Benthic macroinvertebrate fauna in the headwaters of Doon Valley streams, India
Prakash Nautiyal, Asheesh Shivam Mishra and Krishna Raj Singh

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Impact assessment of integrated plant nutrient management in Tomato through farmers participatory approach
S. K. Pandey

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Genetic variability and correlation studies in bottle gourd [Lagenaria siceraria (Mol.) Standl.]
S. K. Tiwari and Manoj Pathak

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Effect of hydro-priming on seed yield and quality traits of Greengram (Vigna radiate L. wilczek)
Dongarjal Ghansham Subhash, Prashant Kumar Rai and B. A. Singh

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Knowledge, attitude and practice about mosquito-borne diseases and its control in rural community in Chitrakoot
Lavkush Kumar Brahman and Ramesh Chandra Tripathi

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Diet lifestyle and prevalence of Obesity among women of Allahabad city, Uttar Pradesh
Neeru Bala, Anisha Verma and Nidhi

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Studies on physico-chemical properties of the Bakulahi river water from Raibareli and Pratapgarh Districts, Uttar Pradesh
Kiran Tripathi, D.N. Shukla and Sarita Agrawal

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Comparative studies on the sterilization of milk by conventional and microwave process
B. K. Mishra

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Molecular characterization of wheat germplasm for leaf and stem rust resistance genes using linked SSR markers
Pooja Sharma and R. B. Sharma

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Effect of carbon, nitrogen sources and surfactant on production of -amylase by Bacillus subtilis
Pushpendra Singh and Lavkush Kumar Brahman

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Anti-cancerous medicinal plants in drug break through- A review
Prasann Kumar

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Effect of gibberellic acid and thiourea on seed germination, growth and survival of Papaya (Carica papaya L.) cv. Pusa nanha & Pusa delicious
Navneet Saraswat, Saket Mishra and Prashant Kumar Rai

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Studies on fish biodiversity and their conservation of the Yamuna river at Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
Priyanka Mayank and R. K. Tyagi

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Heavy metal pollution in the river Ganga at Allahabad: Possible threat to survival of the fish fauna
Ashvini Kumar D. N. Shukla and Ashish Kumar Mishra

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Esterase polymorphism in the calliphorid fly, Chrysomya megacephala
Sarita Agrawal, Pratima Gaur and Kiran Tripathi

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Mutagenic effectiveness and efficiency of gamma rays in Soybean (Glycine max (L) Merrill)
S. P. Patil, R. S. Nandanwar, M. S. Naware and S. H. Vilhekar

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Accumulation of heavy metals in liver, muscle and gill of Cyprinus carpio from the Gomti river at Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh
Ashish Tiwari, Amitabh Chandra Dwivedi and D. N. Shukla

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Alien fish species, Cyprinus carpio (common carp) as a invader in the Vindhyan region (Ken, Paisuni, Tons rivers), India
Amitabh Chandra Dwivedi and Prakash Nautiyal

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Direct Seeded Rice: An alternative option under climate change
Shobhit Singh, P. K. Mishra Prasann Kumar, Anupam Singh and A. K.Tripathi

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Genetic divergence in short-grain aromatic rice
J. L. Dwivedi, Triveni Tiwari, Saurabh Dixit, P. N. Yadav, S. P. Giri and O. P. Verma

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Self-help groups and domestic empowerment of rural women in West Garo Hills District, Meghalaya
J. W. Momin and D. C. Kalita

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Effect of tillage system and weed control practices on soil health and yield of wheat
Raj Kumar, Jaidev, R. S. Singh, S. S. Singh and S. K. Tripathi

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Challenges of climate change in recent time for crop production
Saurabh Kumar Choudhary, Pravin Kumar Upadhyay and Ramesh Kumar Singh

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