Volume - 5, Number - 1 (2017)

Comparative length-weight relationship, condition and form factor of Indian major carp,Cirrhinus mrigala (Hamilton 1822) in the Ganges basin, India
A. K. Dwivedi, U. K. Sarkar, J. I. Mir, P. Tamot and V. Vyas

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Physicochemical studies of ground water in the village Dharampur situated on the bank of river Jamuna in Jalaun district (Uttar Pradesh) India
Neel Ratan, Sharat Shrivastava and U. N. Singh

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Biodiversity conservation throgh traditional fomer's rice varities
A. P. Dwivedi and V. K. Singh

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Effect of priming duration on seed quality parameters of Cluster Bean (Cyamopsistetra gonoloba L.) seed
Brijesh Singh Chauhan, Prashant Kumar Rai and Saurabh Singh

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A analysis note on fish and fisheries: role of non-native species from the lower stretch of the Yamuna river, India
Shakila Khan, R. K. Pathak and Sarita Tripathi

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Sexual dimorphism of Zygogramma bicolorata (Coleoptera): A Parthenium beetle
Lavkush Kumar Brahman

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Sustainable pulses production: an approach of climate resilience alternative
A. P. Dwivedi and B. K. Singh

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Study on performance for quantitative and seed quality traits of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) genotypes
Saurabh Singh, Deependra Singh and Prashant Kumar Rai

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Obesity and daily life style in respect of activities of adult women
Jyoti Kushwaha

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Effect of different seed priming methods and its duration on seedling parameter of two cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L.) variety
Neeraj Nath Parihar, Ishwar, Saurabh Singh and Prashant Kumar Rai

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Comparative chemical quality of cow and buffalo raw milk
U. K Shukla and Vinita Patel

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