Volume - 3, Number - 3 - Special Volume (2015)

Some common food toxins and their effect on human health
Amita Yadav, Ramesh Kumar and Abhay Kumar Pandey

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Assessment of fish production potential of Chitrakoot district, Uttar Pradesh
D. N. Jha, K. D. Joshi, A. C. Dwivedi, P. Mayank, M. Kumar and A. Tiwari

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Influence of hydrological parameter on phytoplankton diversity, abundance and productivity of Vasai creek, Mumbai, India
Jeetendra Kumar, Geetanjali Deshmukhe and S. K. Chakraborty

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River health and commercially important catfishes from the Yamuna river, India
Priyanka Mayank and Amitabh Chandra Dwivedi

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Status and structure of Labeo bata (Hamilton, 1822) from the Ghaghra river, India
Shakila Khan

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Vaccination: A proven tool to check the incidence of contagious diseases in animal
Govind Kumar Choudhary and R. P. Chaudhary

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Studies on investment and return in fish farming in different types of pond ownership in Basti district, Uttar Pradesh
Sunil Kumar Upadhyay, J. Mishra and Dinesh Kumar Verma

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E-waste: A growing health and environmental problem and its management in India
Darshana Kumari

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Studies on response of integrated nutrient management on yield and uptake of nutrients in wheat crop (Triticum aestivum)
R. N. Singh

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E-learning in teaching-learning process
Rekha Singh, Rananjay Singh and Pratibha K. S. Dikshit

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Organic milk production: a critical review
B. K. Mishra and C. S. Choubey

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Synthesis and study of thermo-mechanical and adhesive properties of Elastomer modified Bismaleimide Resin
Suman Katiyar

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