Volume 7 Number 1,  (2019)

Role of siltation in declining Indian Major Carp (IMC) in the river Ganga, India
Kalpana Srivastav, R. S. Srivastava and Venkates Thakur

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Iodide ion selective electrode as an indicator electrode
Anita Singh

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Effect of Zinc on growth and survival rate of tadpoles of toad, Bufo andersonii
Seema Saxena

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A comparative study of bacterial quality of row cow milk at different milking times
U. K. Shukla, Rameshwar and Kavita Shukla

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A significant role of CD2 in modulating TH1/TH2 shift in Visceral Leishmaniasis
Sukrat Sinha

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Histological Studies of cold water fish, Rainbow-trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) (Walbaum) ovaries in Balkhilariver in Bairangana district Chamoli, Uttarakhand
Vishal Dutta, H.C.S. Bisht and A. U. Khan

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Effect of plant growth regulators on morphological characters in Green Gram
Deepak Gupta*, Prashant Kumar Rai and A. K. Chaurasia

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Size structure of Sperata aor (Gangetic Tengra) from the Ghaghara river at Ayodhya, India
Shakila Khan

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Effect of rhizobium and molybdenum on yield and yield attributes of chickpea (Cicer arieitnum L.)
R. N. Singh and Sanjay Kumar

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